Traveling Lawn Sprinklers

By Lexington Sprinkler Repair | June 15, 2011

Did you know that traveling lawn sprinklers are a great above ground option for watering large areas of lawn, field, or garden?  They cover wide areas, save time, and are good for odd-shaped or hilly turfs.Traveling sprinklers are self-propelled, operating on neither electricity nor gas.  They are usually found in tractor or wind-up types.  Tractor… Read More

Do-It-Yourself Sprinkler System Kits

By Lexington Sprinkler Repair | June 10, 2011

     Save time and money by installing one of the many do-it-yourself sprinkler system kits on the market to water your lawn and garden.  Installing your own sprinkler system doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.  With adequate preparation and a good do-it-yourself system, any homeowner can have the lawn and garden of their dreams…. Read More

Sprinkler System Thunderstorm Damage

By Lexington Sprinkler Repair | June 1, 2011

It’s thunderstorm season again, and you may be concerned about or wonder if thunderstorms zap sprinkler systems.  Lightning from a storm is a powerful force, and can most definitely affect your system.  If preventative measures are taken, however, you can avoid damage.      Because you have zone wires running all over your property, your sprinkler… Read More

Broken Water Main

By Lexington Sprinkler Repair | May 19, 2011

Do you have a Broken Water Main or a Leaking Sprinkler Valve related to your lawn sprinkler system?  A broken water main can be a messy, costly, and downright disastrous event.  Once the problem is recognized, immediate attention must be given to prevent more damage and inconvenience than necessary.  Once the location and cause of the… Read More

Tune-Ups on Your Lawn Sprinkler System

By Lexington Sprinkler Repair | May 18, 2011

     As with any other system, it is important to perform routine tune-ups on your lawn sprinkler system.  The system will continue to conserve water and money if it’s working properly.  There are several specific problems to look for during a tune-up, as well as adjustments that may need to be made the the sprinkler… Read More

How To turn off Sprinkler System

By Lexington Sprinkler Repair | March 27, 2011

What would you do if, in an emergency, you needed to turn off your sprinkler sytem?  Do you have an emergency sprinkler system shutoff valve in case you have a water main break or a zone that won’t turn off?  If you do not or if you don’t know where it is located, this article… Read More

Sprinkler System Installation Prices Lexington S.C.

By Lexington Sprinkler Repair | March 12, 2011

Sprinkler system installation prices vary a significant amount in Lexington, S.C.  On the average yard, assuming that you are only installing sprinkler heads to cover the lawn (and no drip for bushes), I have seen the cost range from $1000 to upwards of $4500.  The difference lies in the quality of craftsmanship of the irrigation, the… Read More

Sprinkler System Component Definitions

By Lexington Sprinkler Repair | December 13, 2010

If you are curious about the various Sprinkler System Component Definitions, I have updated my website to include some helpful descriptions of the various components.  It is important to know some of these components in order to understand how your sprinkler system works, how to manage it somewhat on your own, and how to describe… Read More

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