Spring Sprinkler start-up from Lexington Sprinkler Repair

Spring Sprinkler System Startup

By Lexington Sprinkler Repair | April 1, 2020

It’s Spring in Lexington South Carolina!  And if you have irrigation in your yard you may want to get it tuned up in time for spring watering.  A spring lawn sprinkler system startup or “tune-up” with a reputable sprinkler repair company  is the way to go, saving you time and perhaps bringing your system more… Read More

How to repair a broken PVC sprinkler pipe

By Lexington Sprinkler Repair | February 24, 2020

If you have a lawn irrigation system and you have to maintain it, sooner or later you are going to have to know how to repair a broken pvc sprinkler pipe. Do you have wet, soggy spots in your lawn or have you noticed fungi growing in spots?  Perhaps your walkway is always wet or… Read More

Sprinkler System Valve Location & Wire Tracing Service

By Lexington Sprinkler Repair | January 29, 2020

If you have ever thought about trying to perform a Sprinkler System Valve Location & Wire Tracing Service on your own, you know how difficult and frustrating this task can be without the proper know-how and tools.  Countless hours can be spent trying to locate a broken or leaking valve or tracing a sprinkler system wire for breaks… Read More

Winterize your sprinkler system in Lexington, SC

Should I Winterize my Sprinkler System?

By Lexington Sprinkler Repair | November 7, 2019

It’s that time of year again!  The weather is getting colder and you’re pulling out your sweaters.  That means it’s time to winterize your sprinklers. Lexington sprinkler repair can winterize your irrigation system, preparing it for the cold freezing weather if it is deemed necessary.  Winterizing can be an important step in maintaining your system because it prevents damage… Read More


Sprinkler Repair in Lexington S.C.

By Lexington Sprinkler Repair | August 30, 2018

Well its been a while since I posted so I figured I’d get a message out!  We’ve been doing sprinkler repair in Lexington S.C. for some time now and I just wanted to express my appreciation to our many many customers in and around Lexington, Lake Murray and Redbank.  We have repaired irrigation on many… Read More

Sprinkler System Repair and Maintenance Services

Lawn Sprinkler Irrigation Startup

By Lexington Sprinkler Repair | February 28, 2015

An important step in caring for your yard comes at this time of year, particularly if you had your sprinkler system winterized back in late fall.  The mistake that can be made is improperly performing a Lawn Sprinkler Irrigation Startup, particularly where a water pump drawing from Lake Murray is concerned.  When starting your Goulds… Read More

How to repair broken PVC irrigation pipe

By Lexington Sprinkler Repair | January 8, 2015

Wow, cold in Lexington S.C. today huh?  If you have a lawn sprinkler irrigation system, Lexington S.C. you might want to have a look at the water main pipes, spigots and valves after this freeze thaws.  You very well may have a broken PVC irrigation water pipe that needs to be repaired.  PVC pipes crack… Read More

Water Pump Pressure Switch Replacement

By Lexington Sprinkler Repair | January 24, 2014

If you draw water from Lake Murray S.C. for your lawn irrigation or sprinkler system, sooner or later you will need a Water Pump Pressure Switch Replacement.  When water pressure drops in your bladder tank when a spigot or the irrigation is turned on, this switch will turn on the water pump at a certain pressure level. The… Read More

sprinkler valve locating service, Lexington and Columbia S.C.

By Lexington Sprinkler Repair | January 5, 2014

If your lawn sprinkler system is malfunctioning and you need to repair the Rain Bird, Hunter, Nelson or Toro Valves, you may have a need to find the valve and call on a sprinkler valve locating service.  Sometimes irrigation valves are buried under overgrown grass sod, under mulch, or just about anywhere in the yard. … Read More

Drip Irrigation System Information

By Lexington Sprinkler Repair | January 23, 2012

Effectively water your plants with a drip irrigation system.  The soil’s moisture will be kept at an optimum level, and this will save time and money.  These systems work well for home gardening, landscaping, farming, and greenhouses. Drip irrigation systems are made up of several different components, including a valve, a backflow preventer, a pressure… Read More

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