Sprinkler Head Repair Service

Some common causes that call for sprinkler head repair are as follows:

  • Top of head is placed too high and needs to be dug in lower into the ground.  If the top is too high, then lawn mowers can chop off the cap, damaging the head or roll over the head causing leaks or a break in the elbow connector.
  • Edgers are sometimes used when they should not be used or a sprinkler head is placed too close to a concrete edge where they are in the way of (blade style) edgers.  This case calls for either using a string trimmer or moving the sprinkler head off of the concrete a bit.
  • The amount of sand that the shaft of the popup head or rotary head have to pop through can have an effect on the longevity of the unit.  Alot of sand can wear down the shaft, making it stick in the "up" position where it is vulnerable to mower wheels or lawn mower blades.
  • With rotator type sprinkler heads, often times the gears and the internal workings go bad, which call for replacing the entire unit.