Lawn Sprinkler Head Spray Pattern Adjustment

Spray patterns needed to be adjusted sometimes and different manufacturers have different tools that need to be used on their components to get the job done.

There are a few items to consider when adjusting a spray pattern on a lawn popup or rotary sprinkler head:

  • How far do you want the water to go?  This is adjusted with the set screw that the water travels by.  Turning this screw "in" will shorten the distance.
  • How diffused do you want the pattern to be?  This is also adjusted with the same set screw as described above.
  • How much water flow do you want to travel through the spray nozzle?  This is somewhat dependent upon how much water volume you have at your disposal.  You could not, for instance, put 3 4 gpm nozzles on a 3 head zone that only has 5 gpm available.  At any rate, the water flow can be controlled with the nozzle, which is located at the water's exit point on the rotary sprinkler head.
  • At What angle do you want the water stream to travel?  This is determined in part by the type of nozzle you have installed.  You can get low angle nozzles, for instance, if you want to have the water stream travel closer to the ground.
  • What spray path do you want?  Do you want the nozzle to shoot out the water spray in a complete circle, a half circle, quarter, or custom?  This is determined by a few factors and can be adjusted with the manufacturer's specific tools.  With proper setting, the optimal surface area of the target watering area is irrigated while avoiding wasting water on areas such as walkways or driveways.