Lawn Maintenance

We do lawn maintenance service in Lexington South Carolina anywhere from the Lexington medical center area, Quail Hollow, Corley Mill Road area and of course Lake Murray up to Wise Ferry Road.

All lawn service companies are not alike! Choose the right lawn mowing service in Lexington S.C. - call us and have your whole yard maintained all year by The professional craftsmen who you can trust!

We see all sorts of grasses in Lexington South Carolina including St. Augustine Grass which we mow at the proper high setting, Bermuda which we cut at a low mower setting, and of course centipede which can be cut at various heights. Each of these grasses gets a specific fertilization schedule which is included in our lawn maintenance package.

Our landscape maintenance package includes the following:

Lawn Service visits every two weeks includes Lawn Mowing Service of course, bush shaping, fall leaf cleanup and winter services. Lawn Mowing Service includes lawn mowing, edging, blowing hard tops and porches & herbiciding beds for weeds as well as the items outlined below.  We only take on accounts that anticipate needing us all year not only doing the growing season tasks but also the necessary maintenance and preventative winter tasks as well.

Here’s what we take care of for you:

  • Mow & edge lawn
  • Spray beds for weeds
  • Keep Bushes Shaped, touching them up in the winter (up to 8’ in height, applies to bushes that have been kept shaped in the recent past)
  • Blow porches, patios, bird baths, driveways and walkways clear
  • Apply fertilizer, weed and feed and pre or post emergent as is appropriate 
  • *Fall through winter leaf cleanup, mowing lawn as needed, pine cone and stick pickup, dead plant culling, palm pruning and crepe pruning (those against structures)

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