Sprinkler System Installation

If you are looking for sprinkler system installation in Lexington S.C., you've found a great resource!  Here's a breakdown of the irrigation installation process:

  • A walkover of the property is scheduled and a rough estimate and plan of action is established
  • An emailed estimate is sent to the customer
  • If accepted, the project date is then set
  • PUPS is called to mark off the property, making sure to outline any buried cables, water mains, or gas pipes
  • The trenches are made, allowing for burial of the pipes, valves, valve boxes and sprinkler heads
  • The pipes are laid in the ground, glued, connected.  The valves are installed in-ground, backflow is installed and tapped into the water main, and the sprinkler heads are installed in-ground.
  • Sprinkler patterns are set roughly
  • The system is pressurized, checking for leaks
  • Each zone is individually tested and pressurized
  • The wiring is completed, control panel installed, and timer is custom set
  • After a final testing stage of all aspects of the newly installed sprinkler system, the trenches* are filled in and tamped down.

*Trenches where new sod is being installed won't really be seen at all as you are laying new sod on top of the freshly tilled area.  On established sod areas, however, there would be a mark left where sod was disturbed by the trenching, but this would fill in in one growing season or less with proper fertilization.

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